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T-Sizzle Makes Utterly Moronic Claim

In a recent television interview with ESPN’s Lisa Salter, Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs, made a moronic statement alleging that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell conspired against the Ravens by engineering a power outage designed to rob Baltimore of their game leading momentum In last year’s Super Bowl.

Really?  Let’s file that claim with other “brilliant” statements such as, “Miley Cyrus is a good role model for kids.”  “The government shutdown won’t really happen.”  And “Amazon.com is ‘Mom and Pop’ company that’s sure to fail.”  T-Sizzle’s claim is as ridiculous as it is wrong.

Why would Commissioner Goodell want to risk the ratings drop that such a delay could create?   Why would he invite such embarrassment  on the NFL?  Why would he want to diminish the great story of Ray Lewis possibly winning a Super Bowl in his final season?  Why T-Sizzle, why?

I’m all for a good conspiracy theory but this one is really weak.  Better yet, it is so weak that it is utterly non-existent.  Suggs can play football and no one questions his on the field ability.  One has to be fairly smart and coachable to play football in a league where the playbook reads more like rocket science.  I’m sure that Terrell is an intelligent man, but c’mon T, this was not your brightest moment.

Mike Buckamneer


My NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

The following are my top 15 NFL power rankings after 3 games.  There are many other websites and news organizations that publish NFL power rankings but these are MY power rankings.  If you agree or disagree, feel free to leave a comment!

1.  Seattle Seahawks   3-0


2.  Denver Broncos   3-0


3.  Chicago Bears   3-0


4.  New England Patriots   3-0


5.   New Orleans Saints   3-0


6.  San Francisco 49er’s   1-2


7.   Cincinnati Bengals   2-1


8.  Baltimore Ravens   2-1


9.  Green Bay Packers   1-2


10.  Houston Texans   2-1


11.  Kansas City Chiefs   3-0

12. Miami Dolphins   3-0

13.  Indianapolis Colts   2-1

14.  Atlanta Falcons   1-2

15.  Dallas Cowboys   2-1

Mike Buckamneer

Peyton Manning: Another Hall of Fame Night

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos opened the 2013 NFL season with a 49-27 thrashing of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.  Granted, the 2013 Ravens are not the 2012 Super Bowl winning Ravens, but they are certainly not a cupcake either.

The start of the game was delayed briefly due to severe storms, but once the rain moved out of the Denver area the future Hall of Fame quarterback found one open receiver after the next.  Before the night was over Manning tied an NFL record with seven touchdown passes.  That hasn’t been done since 1969 when Joe Capp threw seven touchdowns to lead the Vikings to victory over the Baltimore Colts.

Manning was 27-42 with 462 passing yards and no interceptions.  His passer rating on the night was an amazing 141.1.

In typical Peyton Manning fashion, the quarterback deflected praise to his teammates and coaches while frequently referring to the Ravens as a Super Bowl quality team.  Once again, Peyton Manning proves why he is such a class act.