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What did you say? I can’t hear you!

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The Saints offensive players will be wearing custom made noise reduction earpieces tonight against the Seahawks in an effort to neutralize the noise made by the Seattle fans.  While the devices may help neutralize the noise they will do nothing to neutralize Russell Wilson and the stout Seahawk defense.  Unless Sean Payton can find a way to accomplish that feat the Saints return to the Big Easy with another loss under their belts.


Google Trends Hot Search: Cricinfo

The leaves are changing from green to yellow, red, and orange.  The air has turned cool and crisp and a hoodie or a sweater is now essential to evening comfort.  And on Friday night’s I can hear the voice of the announcer calling the football game at the local high school in town.  This all means one thing…it’s Fall.

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year for sports fans.  The World Series will begin in just a few days as will the start of another NBA season.  The ponds have been frozen and hockey is back.  College football and the NFL have accelerated into high gear and are right in the middle of their seasons.  Midnight madness and the start of college basketball is also just around the corner.

Yep, all of the best sports are in full swing and life couldn’t get any better!  Or could it?  Seems that one of the most searched terms on Google yesterday was “cricinfo.”  Cric what?  Cricinfo, and it was one of the most searched words of the day yesterday. I can understand that because who in the world actually knows what “cricinfo” means?

Like thousands of other baffled readers, I asked Google to explain what in the world “cricinfo” was.   As it turns out, “cricinfo” is an ESPN owned website that publishes and promotes all things Cricket.  You know, the sport with bowlers, batsmen, and white uniforms on every player, or cricketer to be more accurate.

A quick visit to revealed a website that hosted cricket stats, scores, and standings.  Cricket pictures, quotes, and tweets.  Video’s, blogs, and in depth stories of cricketers near and far.  In fact, even has a Facebook “like” button with nearly 2 million cricket followers worldwide.  Digi-crickets, I suppose.

Who would have known? and Cricket available at my fingertips thanks to Google and the World Wide Web.  I doubt that cricket will replace the NFL or the World Series anytime soon, but for nearly 2 million cricket followers, Fall just got a little better.

Mike Buckamneer

Ted Talks Tastebuds!

Occasionally life allows a man to stumble over something wonderful.  Simple, almost mindless decisions, that lead to a brilliant outcome.  Such is my story recently and all thanks to Matt Cutts and our friends at Ted Talks.

A few weeks ago I watched Matt Cutts on Ted Talks encouraging the audience to take his 30 day challenge.  I enjoyed the talk so much that I asked my wife to watch it.  Not only did she enjoy it, she accepted the challenge!  More specifically, she determined to cook a new food every day, or nearly every day, for 30 days.  It was like hitting the culinary jackpot!

We are about two weeks into her 30 day challenge and I have enjoyed several mouthwatering new dishes.   Home made cinnamon rolls from scratch has been the clear cut winner to this point, but every new item has been fantastic.  Wow!  Who would have thought a three minute video could reap 30 days of sheer culinary joy?  “Thank you” to Matt and Ted, and most of all, “Thank you” to Jane for making me such a happy man.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at Matt’s talk.  Better yet, encourage your spouse to have a look!

Mike Buckamneer

Dying grace

I visited with an elderly man earlier this week who recently lost his son to death.  The man who passed away was quite ill and struggled mightily before he passed.  The elderly father was, in a sense, relieved as any parent would be who watched their child suffer.  But losing him hurt very badly nonetheless.

As painful as this unfolding scene was, God gave a special measure of grace to all of the parties involved.  You see, the dying man had trusted Jesus Christ to be his Saviour and knew that a home in Heaven awaited his arrival.  He knew also that the Saviour would be there to welcome him home.  David said, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me…”  (Psalm 23:4)  In that hour of death, the Lord Jesus Christ kept His promise to walk through that valley with the dying saint of God.  But that’s not all!  The same Saviour walked the valley with those who loved the dying man.  His father and others did not have to walk the valley of suffering alone any more than the dying man walked the valley of the shadow of death alone.

Jesus has promised to “never leave or forsake” those who put their trust in Him.  (Hebrews 13:5)  He goes with us to the hospital, to the funeral home, and to the cemetery.  He never breaks His promise.  “Dying grace” is not just for the dying.  The living need it too and He gives it in abundant supply.

“Precious in the sight of The Lord are the death of his saints.”  Psalm 116:15


Pastor Mike Buckamneer