The Mount Rushmore of NFL Quarterbacks


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Due to the current government shutdown any visits to The Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota are forbidden.  On the bright side, the sports version of Mount Rushmore never closes.  Let’s load up the kids and head for football’s Black Hills.

Four larger than life granite faces of former U.S. Presidents are carved into the granite of Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota.  The sculpture is a memorial to the leadership of these Commanders-in-Chief and the contribution they made to our great nation.

History tells us that the decision to depict Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln was not without controversy.  Apparently, the decision of which four Presidents to be depicted was a matter of intense debate. In like manner, there is typically great debate surrounding the selection of athletes to the sporting Mt. Rushmore’s.

With that said, let’s consider a Mt. Rushmore of NFL Quarterbacks.  Let the debate begin!

My personal choice for the Mount Rushmore of NFL quarterbacks (all-time) are as follows:  Joe Montana – Bret Favre – Peyton Manning – Tom Brady.  Apologies to Johnny Unitas, John Elway, and Dan Marino among others.

Mike Buckamneer

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