My Week 4 Top Five Power Rankings

1.  Denver Broncos   4-0


There is really no debate on this selection.  Peyton Manning is playing at an insane level of greatness.  I doubt that the Broncos will go 16-0 because it is just too hard, but if any team can in 2013 it’s this team.

2.  Seattle Seahawks   4-0


The Seahawks engineered a great comeback win against a potential Super Bowl opponent in the Houston Texans.  Look for Russell Wilson to lead his team to the NFC Championship and possibly beyond.

3.  New Orleans Saints   4-0


The return of Sean Payton has paid immediate dividends for the Saints.  They look solid at home and should give the Falcons all they can handle in the NFC south.

4.  New England Patriots   4-0


Gronk is getting healthy and the Patriots are still the Patriots.  Expect a solid season where they can win any game and go deep in the playoffs.

5.  Kansas City Chiefs   4-0


OK.  No one saw this coming.  Andy Reid has turned things around at Arrowhead quicker than anyone could have imagined.  Will it last?  Only time will tell, but for now, the Chiefs are in the top five.

Mike Buckamneer


2 responses

  1. Hey Mike,

    Of course as a Seahawk fan I have to root for my team, but of course I would agree the Broncos look most dominant at this point. However, I think once the Seahawk offense starts clicking like they did last season, their offense and #1 defense will be a stronger team overall.

    great post!

  2. No doubt the Seahawks are a strong Super Bowl candidate. In fact, I think Seattle / Denver would make a great Super Bowl. And since the SB is outdoors this year and very cold weather is possible the edge would definitely go to the Hawks who could could grind it out on the ground more so than the Broncos.

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