Really?  Why?  Why would a team like Ohio State schedule a team like Florida A&M?  Why would a top 10 team like Louisville schedule a team like Florida International only to humiliate them before a home crowd?  Earlier today OSU beat FAM 76-0 and Louisville defeated FIU 72-0.  I have a hard time understanding the purpose of games like this.  I understand that smaller schools stand to make a nice chunk of change for letting the bully push him around on national TV but this does nothing for college football or the teams involved.

With big money on the line there is little that can be done to curb such ridiculous behavior.  What can be done though is to penalize teams by reducing their place in the BCS standings.  If top tier teams schedule a clearly inferior opponent and demonstrate their superiority by 70 plus points then count the game equal to a loss as far as BCS rankings go.  Perhaps a few losses will change the culture enough to keep such lopsided losses from occuring.  If a good team earns such a big number win then so be it – I applaud them.  But when they run up the score because they knowingly scheduled a “cupcake” then downgrade them in the rankings.

“Football builds character,” I was told over and over when younger.  Not this kind of football.

Mike Buckamneer


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  1. Because it’s the easiest way to collect a win and bench the starters after three quarters, lowering the risk of injury. It’s something the NCAA needs to put a stop to, though.


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