The 2013 NFL season begins tonight!

It’s late summer and once again the NFL season prepares for kick-off.  Football fans are gearing up for another run at the Super Bowl.  Mike Buckamneer is one of those fans.

I have been a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals for as long as I can remember.  I still hurt when I think of the two Super Bowl losses to the 49ers.  I believe Anthony Munoz was the best left tackle to ever play the game.  I remember the “Freezer Bowl” when the Chargers played the Bengals in frozen Riverfront Stadium.  And I still get queasy when I think of the 90’s.

The Super Bowl always looks possible in early September.  Only time will tell.  Perhaps, 2013 will be another Bengals – Niners matchup.  Let’s hope that Joe Montana is selling shoes in Febuary and not throwing game winning touchdowns to Dwight Clark and Jerry Rice!

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